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board certification is acceptable. We do not believe, however, that it should be further qualified by limiting it to

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contrary. Antipyrin is soluble in one part of water, while sodium

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twelve has the same set of pagination. In such cases

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cells 50 and even 00 jjl long (Plate 10, Fig. 2). The body tapers

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no record of their being found in the United States.

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by carmine, their nuclei standing out more deeply tinged than

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The structure of the young forms is essentially the same as that

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In twenty-eight cases the haemorrhage was slight. Five

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poultices or compresses on parts which have been irritated by chemicals

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thorax with warm water relieved his cough somewhat. Pulse 116.

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group includes such forms as Paramecium, Colpoda, Chlamy-

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window-sash, and the elevation of the doors three or

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Gross, Ashhurst, Flower, Hood, and others, whose opinions therefore,

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the Murphy drip method. Twenty-fi\'e units of iletin were given

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It is used in quite a variety of diseases, especially of

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around it a double ligature, which caused considerable, but not excessive pain.

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pleaded than its beneficial influence on the ecchy-

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particularly in some of those running a rapid course (phthisis florida), tlie

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sion it overcomes one of the elements of the disease.

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develop primarily in the marginal zone of the cornea,

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There are, also, cloudy swelling and more or less detachment of the

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described by card, while it contains only one report. This,

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left nasal passage to the respiratory current. This

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to the protoplasm. Dried spores from all nutritive material,

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opening. He Avas in the hospital on this occasion six days under

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quantities of glucose and levulose, or the sugar may be a pentose, or again

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foodstuffs ; with one possible exception, outbreaks

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Diagnosis. — Hysteria may be distinguished from tetany by

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parts should be brought into approximation by straps of adhe-

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the cachexia produced by the syphilis, gonorrhoea, or neglected mercurial

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of deglutition when the bolus is passing from before backwards between the

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that the patient could hold his water several hours. A