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wages of female teachers and a corresponding decrease in
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Philadelphia. He served as assistant surgeon in the Federal army
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ous gray translucent nodules of the size of a millet-seed. . . .
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subsequently used as antigen in the fixation tests was kept frozen until used.
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ing twenty-one, in which peritoneal infection was found
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Dr. L. Pierce Clark, in the Medical Record for Oct. 24, 1896, reports that in
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which is also circular, and is about an inch and a half in diameter and about an inch deep. A circu-
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4. Puking or belching a dark green -flatter is a very dan-
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cent of all admissions, namely, 21 - 5 for men and 2 9 '9 for women. In the
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4. — A. Ernest Maylard states that the collection of the
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propriate according to the degree or source of the hemonhage.
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this method was performed by the writer on a dog before
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ence of biological discoveries upon medicine. In this way also will
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frontal sinuses, the anatomic information afforded is just as
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direct relation to the degree of resistance acquired by the animal furnishing
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days later she was taken unwell for the first time. She
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tion with water until 1 pint is obtained. Add this to
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