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of freshness between the out and inside air, remembering

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ty of their commission ; but when Ave come to learn by pain-

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Police researches could discover nothing of the cause which gave

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feature of the case, and the urethral disease is overlooked

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of all proportion to the X-ray output : and the milliamperage through the tube

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parative ease within an hour after the commencement

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This hypothetical question was, however, so badly shattered by

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cellular infiltration ; while the horny layer of the epidermis was still

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This was also true in alcoholic neuritis. In alcoholic

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There is one point in the relationship of trauma to the S}Tnptoms

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nodules of the size of a pin's head, of a dull, opaque white color. These

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lege. Philadelphia. Octavo. 562 pages, with 195 engravings

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tubercles. Following this j)cculiar (ruption, if the

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their asystolic stage, which in the author's opinion give the strongest

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of two forceps (Fig. 2) constructed on the plan of ordinary locking

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slipped and fell, striking the left patella against a rather

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ble to make a diagnosis, and that the variations iu the

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27 Jour, of the Allied Dental Soc, 1915. 10. p. 321.

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the idea of imperfect respiration and irritation of thenervus vagus. It is,

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rare. The continuance of repetitions of the hemorrhage may lead to a

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Gm. ) . Off. preps. , Extraetum serventarm fltUdum,

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of the epidemic wherever it has occurred. That it breaks out in the midst of

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4he left eye presented a declining neuro-retinitis and be-

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been under Dr. Sayre's care, speaking in such extrava-

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or in jails and poor-houses. The filthy are often rendered more cleanly, and the

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the degree of diminution being usually proportionate to the severity

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instance. If so, the hemiplegia was as nearly an accident as it could

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interesting and animated discussions which they have induced.

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a small vessel was wounded, which bled freely for a while, but soon

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dentalis occurs in deep layers of carious dentine. Bacterium gingivitidis

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swallowing it is nearly closed. This operation was in-