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that are necessary to make good flesh and give us good health and
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matter not subject to Dominion legislation, and that consequently Dominion Registration is
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two single rooms, one double room and a dormitory of four beds.
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in metabolism which results in the formation of oxalic acid which
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will dispel the clouds of dietetic empiricism, for we shall then know
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tion of a virus contained in the breath or exhalations from the
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Billings. The directors have decided to make it a research institute, and
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pathic treatment which is constructive in action and seeks to con-
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What to Eat and Why. By G. Carroll Smith, M.D., Boston, Mass. Phila-
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Diseases of the Nose, Throat, and Ear. Ballinger. 3rd Ed. $5.50. Lea &
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aration of the workingman's hand for treatment of an incised
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ant symptoms so frequently noted. At about the same time sev-
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that. The treatment of hernia by hypodermic injection is the subject of an article in the
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which was 20,000 at least. In typhoid you expect it to be low.
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sions on human beings and not, as now, upon animals.
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ease has occurred on the last voyage. Even the bedding pro-
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not must draw upon imagination for what they missed.
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give you incidents of gross wrong-doing on the part of these travelling medical men and
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Gynecology — Diseases of the Blood. Diathetic and Metabolic Diseases.
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Gentlemen of the Council : As this is the first opportunity I have had of addressing you
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that money. As this by-law is being drawn up by Dr. Campbell, 1 hope he will a(Ul a clause
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the power of destroying bacteria, destroy with the same power organic cells
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The final passage of that which is variously denominated the soul, the
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foreground of awareness. This at the same time lowers the ten-
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To the student who wishes to be something more in his
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cases to say it should not be used in. Practically every case is a good sub-
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Notwithstanding the author's claim that illustrations fail to give cor-
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quaintance with the work of the individual institutions.
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lations also indicate what kind of cargo, coming from or through
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Pharmaceutical Society, and the same with regard to every incorporated body of an educa-
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noticed influence, is ample justification for the work of Homoeopathy, even
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3rd. When a resection upon a child's intestine is necessary,
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the lecture room. It is also good that the Church provides a
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wherewithal with which to support himself and his family so en-
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one he quarantines it, and when a death occurs buys the house with
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''In the table, of which the foregoing is a part, twenty-one
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Later trend of opinion passed from bacteria to protozoa
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Dr. J. Walter Schirmer announces the removal of his office to Great