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Bcziehung'en. Deutsche Gesellscha/t/ur Chirurgie, xx\-. KonKre^s.
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^excavation, does give way, the result is generally fatal.]
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axillary aneurism, where gangrene had extended from the fingers to the shoulder,
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ing they actually crawl on their knees ; hence it is regarded in
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bear to the systemic joint disturbance as in their cumulative
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submit to vaccination. Persons declining vaccination are detained for
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ward thinned and softened, and then, not imfrequently, &U to pieces,
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knowledge of. the formation of these bodies is admitted to be very defec-
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factive material: caution, therefore, must be observed in their
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necessary quantity of phosphates and carbonates may be supplied by
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sweeten to the taste. A little lemon juice or wine may be added.
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hours and until blood pressure has stabilized for at least an additional hour. (See WARNINGS and PRECAUTIONS, Drug
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Dr. Squibb's paper having reference to what occurred, which he described, should not
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valves of the shell they would remain alive in the oyster
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not dwell on it further than to give one or two examples,
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of the different parts of the lungs. Such an analysis is also necessary
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tation^ provisions, or withholding from sale the necessaries of life, are
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we really do not see that at any point of the history Dr. Tofts
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treatment, but was unwilling to have it done, recovered com-
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A case of uncontrollable epistaxis. Maryland M. J.,
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number of cases of old disease. So far as could be ascertained, these were
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very small drop allowed to issue forth. The summit of this drop is
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well known to be very often followed by troublesome and even
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good reason to expect that removal of offending organs is go-
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The movements due to the muscular coat of the stomach and intestine are
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the first to appear, and continued until the ninth year.
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the symphysis on the scale provided for that purpose.
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explain the supervention of coma ; and, moreover, be-
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never have recourse to them save in time of extreme need, since the
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practised it. Richter and Weidmann are next quoted, and
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Zuntz' own estimate of the increased labor of respiration in his Case B
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kakhulu khona umoba kuseVuvulane. EVuvulane kuhle kakhulu ngoba
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inability to do school- work ; all other withdrawals since Oc-
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animals should be isolated, or, better, killed, and the carcasses burned
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to another ambulance, and on April 26 a letter was received from the
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possible after the act for which thev arc conferred has been
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there was no obscurity. The uterus was either softened in its
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College of Bergen (roughly equivalent to an American college) until 1869, when