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the proviso that in case there was no amelioration in

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March 30th, stomach cramps had disappeared, no nausea ;

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emotion. "To understand all is to explain all." The moun-

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every resource of body and mind that he possesses. I, while a health

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Trephining in Epilepsy. — Hallager {Arch, de Neurol) records the fol-

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piaster on my back could draw my womb up.' ' Nor I, either, my

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remnants of libraries have become, to many, typical "school

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It is rarely fatal, except in those ctases in which it is doable, or where it is

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can readily tell whether the line of light is to right or to left, above or

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stomach. It is often impossible to discover the source of the haemor-

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nurses installed in every community, or, at least, every county. At the

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is a proof of this, there being three known at Geneva, one at Strasburg,

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The treatment of diseased pulp also formed a subject of discussion by

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small stream. If possible the drainage area from which the water

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such a Vein. These tortuous and distended veins are seen also in the cases

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dix, but through other portions of the intestines, showing that the inflam-

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a wide and far-reaching scope of activity. And as it is

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speedily has been reported. It is probable that a constitutional

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and in some cases it never returns. That it will prove a curative measure is

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elements of the bile should exist in the blood. Frerichs says : "In the

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zwischen Stirnhohle rind Siebbeinlabyrintli. Verhandl.

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sitting, so that she always has to .sit on the edge of her

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legitimate means of lessening the suffering of childbirth. Indeed, the

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nuclear cells are present, there is usually other evidence of inflam-

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alum or chlorate of potash may be used, snuffing it up the nose and

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Dr. J. E. Cowles : Osier defines rheumatism as an acute, non-contagious,

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softening take place, the objects of treatment relate to the general condition

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economy, and consequently may be said to be more dignified than the same

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attendant. Dr. Slimon, of Hackney, to admit her under my

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and shares, or to ' finance ' various undertakings ; and it is

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r, it is impossible to omit from our description of the

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4. After the bowels have been freed, the greatest benefit will be de-