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umes of alcohol, and one volume of very weak solution of potassa, mixed
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(d) The freeing of a nerve embedded in fibrous or bony
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employment of such an instrument as the otophone as
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poison has gained access to the venous circulation.
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daily), or ten minims of laudanum every two> hours (one hundred
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and in the higher parts of the small intestine ; creasote and other
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may become more or less deeply pigmented as another
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Medico-Chirurgical Society held February 18, 1890. The patient was
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irregularly diflused or aggregated warty masses, some of which are not
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carbonic acid, and requires 500 cubic feet of air to properly
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the amount given by regulation (i. e. 600 cubic feet) is on no ac-
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ference is broog^t across the vtilvar orifice and rupture of the
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1866, to return to Europe. After his return home his condition did not improve,
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tends downward and forward to the spine of the pubes, where it
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inseparable from it, was that of the semipermeable membrane.
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Cure de Wcerisliofen (haviere). Seule traduction francaise complete
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lower pin, and the manner in which the screw extension bars connect upper pin with hoop
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wounds or incisions of the neck, in the vicinity of the super-
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spots ?). Heart very large, left ventricle dilated, and its walls very considerably
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attack as mild. Let me, however, here remark that I have
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when removed for examination it was at once obvious that it presented
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U)07 (May to September) was according to present bacteriologic
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^Communications solicited on all Medical and Scientific subjects, and also Reports of
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with detestation any breach of common honor and honesty.
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mended for a creamery handling the milk or cream of 300 to 500 cows,