Diovan Medicine

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uninvolved. Inanition, emaciation, niuscuhir contractures, and, rarely, an

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assured Dr. H. that she received no benefit irom any of the remedial

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"The following members were appointed on the Committee:

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cases ; but, when we take the early history of the endemic, at which time

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which the symptoms come on suddenly and are rapidly fatal.

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tions, at least under those found in the living organism.

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We have ourselves prescribed the alum during the second stage

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in the cat /3-tetrahydronaphthylamine causes marked depletion of

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characteristic nervous phenomena of meningitis ; the fontanelle is depressed

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dred. There are also a very small number of cases where from

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symptoms of pneumonia, breathed atmospheric air at the average

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regard to the character of the disease, he denied having suflTered

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ways, either gradually from the edges to the centre, or it is thrown off in

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be glad to define curative nature as the mere action and reaction of

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Second Comparative Treatment with Various Preparations.

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reflection. In the " Principles of Surgery," we find no tempo-

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reddened, and oedematous, the veins were greatly distended, and

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cutting vaocuoles in a certain number of muscular fibres.'^

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effects. The treatment is being continued in still other cases.

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the injection; then the respiration gradually slowed to a slight ex-

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demonstrable between the rise in immune bodies and the increase

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strength. Her remedies have been chosen for the pathological

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an absence of stetboscopic evidence of thoracic disease, would con*

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nephrin store of the adrenals agree with Elliott's. For example, in

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From the preceding experiments the general impression is gained

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^ Leyden states that in hereditary cases the lumbar muscles and those of the lower limbs are first at-

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the microscope were seen to be in the progressive stage. No. 114 showed few

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the body's drugs actually cure the disease, whereas

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pulmonary valves, one inch and a quarter; of aorta, one and a half.

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than 24 days, the interval formerly employed by us.

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uments of the head were swollen; both pupils dilated ; on removing

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Suffered from infiltration of the left upper lobe of the lung. Right apical tuber-