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be regarded as one of the strongest factors in its cura-

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make, as is often done, a false prognosis, giving the people hope and

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Dulcitol, the alcohol of galactose, was not fermented by any of the

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and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, Detroit

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the surface of the contents ot a privy sink or cesspool

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severe pains about the elbows, which were doubtless due to irritation of

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age, was first seen April 14, 1893. Some weeks previ-

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is entirely erroneous, because exactly similar cells may be met with in the

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not as yet been done. He suggests as points the occur-

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to do this, I cannot tell you now ; nor what time and

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apex, while at the base, although no interval existed, the two

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Wilds snare is a very difficult instrument to employ,

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none of the brusque, irregular, and sprawling character of locomotor ataxy.

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Burns were in error. The former had exaggerated the danger of atony

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may be detected by the probe. The discharge is curdled,

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length measured is .00001 cm. which is one-fourth of the

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depend the ability of the system to safely make this change in

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distinguislied by the occurrence of distinct paroxysms or notable exacerba-

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ance and 403(b) pension plan. Situated on Long Island sound, 40

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basilar meningitis. One can appreciate how a basilar meningitis might

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pletely described controls. 7 ' 9 Although in later studies con-

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pain, in the situation of the kidney ; especially if these "uneasj^

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of the last edition. A new section discusses the frequently misunderstood significance

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occurrence. Stertorous breathing is rarely present, and until the coma is pro-

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right side varies little in most individuals, but it sometimes takes its

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great length has prevented their being in your hands sooner.

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first twenty-four hours as it can at any other time. —

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escape in the commencement, and the extremities first become de-

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duty of the local authorities to enforce the Act, and their

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1885 a. — Elements de zoologie medicale et agricole. [Fasc. 1], 800 pp., 586 figs.

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ried with him a specimen, which, in the opinion of several surgeons

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it must be remembered that in the infant the inner part is osseous

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or fluid form. The present writer showed in the " New

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