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Litmus milk. — Turned slightly red in 24 hours but is not coagulated. Later the

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(15-30 gr.) a day. For repeated administration it can be given in

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and quinine in pill are great favourites in the treatment of muscular

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by Russell and Hoffman. This modification is the method recommended by the

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vious day (15th October). About one o'clock A.M. she fell asleep

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improvement took place. Tlie danger being evidently great, and

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The author has added notes of the speeches of several distin-

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tablets, gradually reduced. The author has seen sudden signs of intoxi-

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cobra was much irritated by repeatedly bringing the dog near him,

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pepsin and hydrochloric acid. The division of the meat into small pieces

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practical point is to avoid over-fatigue, i.e., fatigue not readily overcome

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in protecting a village notorious for having suffered in every out-

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ascends to even a greater height on the Pyrenees, but finds organ-

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the basis of the fact, proved experimentally, that meat eaters are less

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obnoxious to the public by making the air foul, that Parliament, in

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{From the Pathological Laboratory of the City Hospital and the Physiological Laboratory of

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ances, such as burning, belching, vomiting, pain, and colic (the last two

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Hemolysis," Univ. Penn. Med. Bull., 1902, 15, p. 186.

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No method for testing the virulence of diphtheria bacilli is ideal,

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hinged at E, and opening by a pivot nut at D. G, Pincli screw of universal joint (ball and socket).

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patient was able to go back to his office work again. He died suddenly

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36 hours, and this refers to over 90 per cent of those tested, in only 20 cases have

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fly for a long time. Minchin and Thomson (1910) have admirably

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the acute symptoms. Shortly before, the patient had walked irom

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exclusively a disease of infancy and childhood. Dr Duchenne, to

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are said to be a terror to the native population, and the villagers

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as to those very faculties. I think I understand Baillie ; who is

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