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of 6, Ravensfleld Villas, Hendon, second son of T. Allen Green. Esq .

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Notes on Medicinal Remedies. By J. B. Stephenson, Mem-

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appeared at Warsaw. The journal, which is printed in Polish,

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bistoury before dilatation could be satisfactorily completed.

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Surgeon-Colonel, and was one of those who lately receivedt

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fortunate absence of any well-known method of safely aggre-

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The Departmental Committpe on Inebriates, appointed by

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condition under discussion, I would briefly point out that

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mitted to practise in foreign countries. ' lie showed that great

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This letter leaves the que.stion still very indefinite, but it

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The following changes have been made in the Medical Department of the

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will be favourably looked on by many of his companions in

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whilst the pathological cause of death should be certified by

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lighten me as to whether there are any objections— and, if so, what— lo

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Amicis, Maiocchi, Pellizzari, and Bardazzi. All the special-

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the ventricles ; one permitting unobtrusive development to a

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tholomew's Hospital suffering from phosphorus necrosis of the jaw

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witli high-reaching enemata, and in some cases saline purges.

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(for it is nothing else) it certainly was not Hilton Fagge.

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brawn, the jury returned a verdict that the two deaths were

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flict°fn"f the bite. The same incubation period has been observed in

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Senior Physician to the City of Dublin Hospital. „

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Bethnal Green, St. George in-the-East, Poplar, Bermondsey, and Plum-

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other, and giving rise to intense inflammatory exudation.