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better opportunities for substantial mental culture,

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sils and the presence of. adenoids in the naso-pharynx of a tu-

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where there is removal of bone or cartilage. This fact, how-

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face of the body, without much of any fever or other indications

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even under the influence of opiates. The great disten-

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tissue. The atrophy and disappearance of the muscular fibres at the seat of

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the intention of Sir Charles Bell, to convey the idea that they were cut off from the sen-

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of Dioscorides, suggesting that both Dioscorides and Pliny have

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be from a combination of local and functional disturbance; or

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used, and which clinical experience has proved to be of value, pre-

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the east of Europe. There is no doubt that in 1847 relapsing fever

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frequently succeed in prolonging it until the disease, which would other-

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ly for hours if the muscle be kept moist with a one per

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The Special Events staff served 3,592 visitors to NIH in FY I968. The ratio

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the strict diabetic diet were due to excessive quantities of albuminous

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without any effect upon the ovaries. Loeb carried out a series of experi-

zanaflex and joint pain

the condition of the artery will allow — that is, if it is not

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said that the sanitary condition of the province is worse than

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do the business for our young growing children, replacing " candy," for in-

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Charcoal is prepared by burning wood in a smothered

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Croton chloral hydrate is advised by Eustace Smith. He gives 1 grain

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T. S. K. Morton ^ took the position some years ago that castra-

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be unquestionable. To me it has been unquestionable already,

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* A considerable number of the cases have been treated with bougies containing ten

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such an amount of irritation as will set up a healing

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grief, Mrs. R. now became almost conversational, quite accessible,

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is so constructed that, as the re-ray tube is moved about, the marking-point always

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detail. Dr. Sheill has performed the operation of ventro-fixation