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nated extravasations by inducing pulmonary congestion. It seems, how-
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rise to the name "xanthoma" results upon a certain chemical degeneration
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Those interested in providing an exhibit are required to file an application and a full
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features of clinical interest. Among the latter may be especially men-
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Pathology to that on Surgery, I lost sight of the pre-
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9501 Lile Drive . Technical Director 227-7596 — 800-482-1224
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except a rare case mentioned by Dr. Tanner (see ' Signs and Diseases of
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purulent ophthalmia of newborn infants was liable in certain instances to
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Leaving the diseases of the spinal cord to proceed to the con-
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lower convolutions much less than it had those occu-
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longer possess the property of destroying sugar, although the
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well, and in others where families received their milk from the same
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of the reddest nitre, which are to be united with the urine of a boy undur the age
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and I was at a loss what to do. From some cause my atten-
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the onset of nearly all acute diseases. The dietetic
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Wasting. Marked wasting is often a feature of meningitis, especially
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acter. Tannin, sulphate of zinc, aluminated iron, or any analogous astringent,
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intercostal space, and passing, outwards' in a line from this to the
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sympathetic is not so constant as Claude Bernard and himself had at first admitted. Thus,
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suffering from chronic malarial cachexia. C()mi)lications are frequent,
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abscess which really does not belong to either class, but which I in-
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acid, to be constantly applied thereunto, as well as to the whole surface
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whose tissues are closest in texture suffer least in this respect, and that
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plied firmly but gently, and then removed by the operator bending
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of things, and sometimes their personal diagnoses of
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he has some depressing disease, such as the grippe, which simply lets
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absolute isolation of the patient on account of the dan-
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ries, with their corps of experts in the various branches of
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' il III I 111' ■■ lini: "" I'll 111, Si hiitliK-r"- vl- it- .III' ln'iutiliilK -111 I'lMi -uiiiiiiiKlinL'
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all ages ; sex apparently is also without influence. No
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societies from all parts of our country ; and every
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When seen it was as large as a hazel-nut and involved
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constitutionally predisposed to indigestion, tympany, and irregu-