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transformation of one species of parasite into another, but we must
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when it is made to disarticulate the clavicle with its meniscus. The
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also in the more extensive capillary form. I have not had much
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Kruger. Virchow's Archiv, 1906, clxxxv, 43; Cor. Bl. d. algem. Arst. Venn.
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irritating properties. It is one of the best dressings for wounds — far superior
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crime, whether they are willing, in addition to the gal-
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the result of trauma. These haemorrhages may take place
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has a fixed length, and is distinguished by special symptoms.
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ing with nature's great remedies and her methods of healing are the
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ligament, and the iliac portion for the attachment of the apo-
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hexagonal form of the honey-comb. Gradually the concavity disappeared. Each
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mit them to touch the floor only with the tips of the toes. When I was
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cially sensitive area the size of the palm of the hand on the
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The liver was rather pale, but no definite general lesion was
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■other morbid growth). As a further guidance in the art of
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that in all cases a cystoscopic examination should be made. The point
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the catheter be used occasionally to drain away the re-
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lapse of time. Jessup, for instance, operated on the
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recovered that she was once more able to follow her usual occupation. In 1841 the