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combination will prefer, afterwards, to prescribe pure calomel in the treat-

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appears from the meager reports accessible at this writing to have been

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and back, bluish in colour, as if tending to be purpuric, not

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brane rest in a deviation from the healthy standard of blood

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and especially if the functions of the lungs (or skin) were at fault, the

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other learning to my sons and to the sons of him who has instructed me and to pupils who

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with the pest-fieiul, in the semblance of a huge bat, bearing a scythe,

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reference to the fact that, despite their great wealth, these

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parasite, which, on its part, is within the remaining shell of the in-

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The question of difficulty in diagnosis which occupied us while

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1966. Tucker, Gabriel F., Jr., 3401 N. Broad St. (19140)

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Discussion. — Dr. Standish said that he had tried some

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faithful and artistic. In fact, the Davis people have lived up

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of the soil from the same cause or from defective sewage. Hermann

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inches in diameter, the cancer itself two inches in diameter, with raised edges,

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th a tight cover and spout, so that the water does not have to be

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constitutional forms of the disease (L. ruber and L. neuroticus) are found

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In 1878 I was called to attend a cigar manufacturer,

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These are accomplished together ; by the muscles of the jaws,

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separated as usual and i cm. above Poupart's ligament at the level of

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phosphorus-poisoning may be classsd under three categories: —

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circles. A number of physicians are wrecked because they lack

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uterus and ovaries, the attacks are much less frequent and less severe.

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the extensiveness of the injury, and the utterance of no

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tinctive character : the cough consists of a succession of short, rapid,

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beginning comparatively early in the changes in the w^all due to gumma

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tics in ye olden time. Med. Bull., Phila., 1893, xv, 416

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toward attorneys, CPAs and tax specialists, investment

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I distinctive characters of the affection render the diagnosis sufli-

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but reported thirty-four cases, including paralysis, hysterical

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tomed from experience and from clinical observation

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pounds) and rarity. Out of about two thousand abdominal tumors