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disease still exists and the country doubtless has never

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agulates with as much readiness and firmness as in other diseases.

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organs. Where the conditions are favorable the cells proliferate in

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blood films examined. These spirochetes or spirochete

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guided by bacteriological investigations state that the scarlatinal angina

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and especially tlie relative amount of time devoted to each

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disease according to it it is only necessary to find a medicine

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For the last three yeare the only students who have

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Headache varying from a slight attack to a persistent mi

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losses had become regular occurring every three weeks the abdomen

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shows no sigfn of infection though the patient has not wholly

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occur with obscure fluctuation. Perforative peritonitis may result. The

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these simple prudential measures either when it becomes neces

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them absolutely unable to do any kind of work and their lives

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Some disturbance of activity in one of the three organs having

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middle classes are much less than in past time it might naturally be

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graphically illustrated in Figure compiled from Case Table. The

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from one to seven years and the adult was twenty two.

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