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Now the researches of all investigators who have examined
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to wade through the official books, and pick out what concerns
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exactly resemble that due to progressive muscular atrophy.
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of the medical guide to Vienna {Medicinische U'ien), pub-
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periment without a definite object, either to illustrate an
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■Caird accepted the portrait, liimself expressing, in his own
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deed evident that if no reaction took place on the part of the
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from the rieht side under local acwthesia by cocaine and ice. Tu'fe
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brandy and beef-tea, and finally acupuncture of the heart,
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that desired to learn. The new scheme took too narrow a view
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the two pectorals. As he subsequently found this condition
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member of the committee, a compliment which he mucli
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Althocgh at the present time several well-known men are
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Members are reminded that the Library and Writing Rooms
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the Royal Zoological Society (Dr. Gordon) ; Dr. David Jacob,
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is to be worn in medical wards, surgical, and lying-in wards,
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structure destroyed becomes, on drying, perfectly hard, like a piece of
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the Central London School District, contains much that is
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plies that I consider the action of the General Medical
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most of the hospitals in London for the amusement of the
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Lloyd, Fredericli George, M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., appointed AsEis-
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over, that there is a great deal of unrecognised illness produced
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Theie is no necessity either for the somewhat tedious and ob-
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and the Jordan Alum Spring, but not Franzensbad or Con-
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Wetterstrand had 6 per cent, uninfluenced in 3,000 cases.
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We have received a copy of a correspondence which has
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37 nurses, which have accordingly been entered on the roll
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only in special and exceptional cases were the names of nrn-comiatant
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number of out-patients was something like ii3,00u. Reterence was made
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on the second day. Large extravasations of blood appeared
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be found in the book entitled Le Tarot des liuhumienx, le plus
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1886-90 it is concluded that the chance of a vaccinated child of 2 years
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Preston, 24.1 in Mancliester, and 25 h in Bradford. In the thirty-two
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material. It has for some time past been very generally held