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ments to be met, are able, when the direction is mainly in their

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more conscious. I ordered a bladder of ice to be con-

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Perverted Motion." — Royal. — Antiquarian.— Linniean. — Che-

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Manufacturers under Dr. Garrod's instruction) of any strength pre-

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etfusion of blood is completely at an end, an incision

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follows that in the children of persons who have had

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Dr. Swayne stated that no sutures v.-ere used to bring

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had felt himself perfectly well before, and was quite un-

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fibres passing into the posterior cornua, whilst others

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tion in saying that here again is another lunatic con-

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as one of those misfortunes which are necessarily in-

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if it were placed on its back, hut retarded by the chest

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Dr. Cleveland suggested that in convulsions associ-

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tory nerves ! It seems to me also that this is a plain

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ation of tbe various objects which surround us in every

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of the torpedo, witli that discharged from a Leyden bat-


jMiss Bronnvich.had adopted a strange way of exhibiting

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found the ulcer nearly healed, and the general symp-


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been more general in the northern than in the southern

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Sex has little influence. Of the patients, tea were

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bles, " the anxiety of which kept him awake night after

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to the apothecaries' or troy ounce, many objections were

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understood. I dare not and do not deny that, during a

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very little sleep, and what he did was disturbed and uu-

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this point: — Among 1008 treated by mercury, 242 be-

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are now placed in their true light before the profes-

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confidence, better to avoid parts not involved in the

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of the dead body. The highest mortality, it appears,

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a cul-de-sac, the intestinal canal may terminate in

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in the metropolis is now considerably more than four-

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with but few opportunities of meeting each other — as